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My practice involves an engagement and meditation with the landscape through the creation of The Water Remedies. The Water Remedies have emerged from the outcomes of my research and collaboration with various water bodies from the Arctic to Cape of Good Hope; listening to the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water.

My process involves serial dilutions with water, which form tiny poetic time machines where each individual water sample is explored to see what is held within. These explorations are translated into moving image, photography and the Water Remedies. Over the last 10 years I have been working with the waters of Arctic Icebergs, Baltic Sea waters, New Mexico desert waters, Cape of Good Hope waters, and Irish Lake and waterfall waters.

The Water Remedies are now available to you as Water Remedy Orbs, through a collaboration with my partner Graham Reid. Graham is a glassblower, and we are making Water Remedy Orbs together.

The orbs are hand blown in Sligo Ireland from borosilicate glass. Each glass vessel is uniquely created to hold a Water Remedy. Wearing a glass Water Remedy orb allows one to absorb the energy of the water remedy inside it. Please visit the Celestial Aquatics page to see a list of Water Remedies which you can purchase as Water Remedy Orbs. If you find a remedy that resonates with you, we'd be delighted to create an orb for you. If you'd like assistance in choosing your remedy, I'd be happy to help, just email me: