Ruth Le Gear’s residency in France with ATELIER MELUSINE was affected by the limits on travel in 2021, it was undertaken, at a distance with Le Gear guiding Annett to find the locations of particular sites and directing the method of collecting the water.

Le Gear selected 4 and Annett 3 sources from which to draw water and then given Annett the precise geographic locations of these sites. These are chosen after an internal, meditative process of communing with the waters.
Annett has selected three places, in the Vienne region of SW France, whose location which were not disclosed to Le Gear until much later in the project.
The water samples were then be sent to Ireland for Le Gear to process and the results finally shared and exhibited in the ATELIER MELUSINE.

Women and Water –

Ruth Le Gear is an Irish artist who speaks with Nature. She is a film maker, site specific installation artist and a water shaman. Her practice focuses on ecology and healing, manifested through somatic and performative psychogeography, eco-arts, film, photography, sound and text as well as sculpture in the form of wearable and portable water talismans. 

When one sits in the natural world and listens deeply, senses profoundly and reaches out in thought, speech and song, waiting patiently for a response, often a wave or sensation of a lost memory, a faded dream, resonates within. If you listen deeply enough, openly enough a still small voice will answer. Ruth Le Gear’s work revolves around this dialogue, this communion with Nature and is part of an obscured tradition of bards, storytellers, healers wise women and artists. All who enter into and talk directly with the four worlds of body, psyche, intellect and spirit. There is an ancient lineage of women and wells, fundamental to Abrahamic, Greco-Roman and Pagan traditions and sacred sites which speak of women as the voice of the waters.