Ruth Le Gear is an Irish artist who speaks with Nature. She is a film maker, site specific installation artist and a water collector. Her practice focuses on ecology and healing, manifested through somatic and performative psychogeography, eco-arts, film, photography, sound and text as well as sculpture in the form of wearable and portable water talismans.

In essence, her artistic practice serves as a conduit for understanding and communicating the intricate relationships between humanity and the natural world, particularly through the lens of water. By engaging with communities, exploring creative interventions, documenting experiences, and delving into the depths of human consciousness, she strives to inspire reflection, dialogue, and action in the face of environmental challenges and opportunities.

In her research Le Gear is interested in exploring the psychological and philosophical features of the human condition that allow one transcendence of physical and psychological boundaries of human experience, and the intellectual dilemmas that shape the psyche when one confronts the feelings and experience of the sublime. She believes understanding this experience of the sublime can have far-reaching effect, elevating and edifying what it means to be human and our relationships within an ever-changing environment.