CCA Laznia II, 2015 Solo Exhibition .
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art a is an art institution with exhibitions of contemporary art specially concerning social presence of artists and their involvement in social discourse.
During the artist residency I collected water samples from different locations in the Tri-City area. I conducted a series of related to the Trace of memory in the water. The Martwa Wista is a river, one of the branches of the Vistula, flowing through the city of Gdansk in northern Poland. It got its name when this branch of the river became increasingly moribund.
My work resembles the process of creating a database / library that organizes a range of information about the nature of water. Intriguing results describe visually the energy, aesthetic and emotional image of accumulated water. As part of my research, I teamed up with the Institute of Oceanology in Sopot and Marine Station in Hel being a part of Institute of Oceanography in the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography at the University of Gdansk.
The imagery, videos and sound works created for my exhibition Trace in Nowy Port at CCA Laznia are created from the essence of the water remedies from the Baltic. They are a meditation on their pervading effects and how this interacts with the energy of the human body. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. The works are a slowing down, a meditative reflection that desire to lull you into the cosmic aspect of this sensitivity.
My first conversation with anyplace when I encounter it, is with the waters, and I go from there.
I try and not to research a place before I arrive so I can get a clear undisturbed reading of the land and waters. Of course, in Nowy Port in Gdnask. There is a lot of history held there. It is a busy industrial port, heavily poulluted and its where the symobilc site of the first shots of WW2 were shot. Its also where the Marta Vistula river enters the Baltic sea. I found it curious that when they redirected the river through the city Gdansk they called it the Dead River. My intention was to set a catalyst of healing in process in the river. Even just the language around it was enlightened somehow, there is no life in this river, no movement in the waters. There was a connection between the people and the waters there in a very sensitive way.
During my first visit to Nowy Port had an in depth tour of the Port’s waters, as well as taking a kayak around the canals and water systems of the city. My process involves meditations with the waters to communicate with the waters. While in CCA Laznia, I visited many sites from the port to fountains and rivers. As part of my process I collect water samples and make water remedies from them, its almost a side step from homeopathy, creating water remedies from water. My work creating remedies from the water and returning them to the water is connected to my interest in the sublime as a means of exploring and revealing the dynamic forces of landscapes and by way of elevating and edifying what it means to be human within an ever changing environment. Working in the Port was interesting for me. In previous times I would tend to over look the polluted dark disturbed places and look for the clearer sites of work such as Arctic icebergs. My work in Nowy Port was with the water and it was after months of work with the remedy that I discovered what the remedy was for.
In my research I ingest the landscape in the form of a remedy and process it through my being, bringing the remedy forth. The remedy is so full of light and hope and joy. I was confused when I first discovered it and made it again. I didn’t think a place with such grief, trauma and pollution could hold such light. It reminded me that nature will always find a way to heal itself and that we can’t turn our backs on places on those places which seem destroyed. To me waters are like poetic time machines. They record time and it also holds the key to unlocking itself, alchemy within water. In homeopathy you treat like with like. This has been my process here, making remedies from the waters and returning them to themselves. It involves serial dilutions, the lower the concentration of a substance, the more potent it becomes. I also introduced this water remedy to other bodies of water in different parts of the world. The return of the waters is always as a frozen sphere. Thus I am making a remedy from the water and then I ‘return’ it to the water. I am setting in place a process of ‘healing’ by giving it a focus that it currently does not have. The contradiction of a remedy made from water and diluted with itself presents interesting questions around the uses and permutations of a landscape whose energy­ fields mediate and co­-exist with the human body.
Nowy Port waters as a remedy brings a lightness to your being, it is an instant pink light.
It brings an awareness for a need to control others.
It helps to release hard heavy unforgiving thoughts and feelings. It is like being wrapped in a pink shawl made of light. It works with militant and unloving thought forms, it shines light on mind programs and repeated thinking of heavy thoughts. It helps your heart to become centered in a state of love.