My practice involves an engagement and meditation with the landscape, through the creation of water essences. This work is an exploration of one drop of water.  This work has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around water and its potentials held within the River Naab and its water polarity the Atlantic ocean.

In October 2017 I attended a residency at Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus

My methodology of working as a visual artist offers the viewer an opportunity for a new understanding of the material world, presented through the element of water. My curiosity about the nature of water and it’s potency for story, is based on a deepening understanding of water and its potentials.

I explored the potential of one drop of water while on residency, exploring the waters of the considered through a drop in a macro situation. In the exhibition I present the submerged underwater landscapes over layered with the meaning of the water remedy from the various sites of field investigations.

In the videos and images shot in both macro and micro of the waters of the river Naab, are about focused awareness something that surrounds us all the time, of time passed but held in aquatic suspension. The water essence created from the River Naab is an essence of movement and connection. The waters of this place are for those who are stuck in inertia, a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. It is also for those who are disconnected from life or ambivalent towards it. The colour associated with this essence is orange. Its element is water polarity. Its purpose is movement and connection and its identity is on the physical plane. Its demon is fear by taking or wearing this essence you begin to sensate, to explore the world and move.

The water essences from the west coast of Ireland are energetically entwined with this water. The sea waters bring flow. It is an essence of the heart, it is for the energetic plane. This essence brings compassion, love and allows one to be more empathetic. The person in trauma who needs the Atlantic seawater essence is rejected, feels abandoned, loss, shame and constant criticism. This person can be very co-depdenant . The colour associated with this essence is violet. Its demon is attachment. This essence brings peace and balance.