Ruth Le Gear & Cyril Briscoe are artists making creative expressions at the intersections between the socio-cultural hub of humanity and the counterparts of such investigations in contemporary physics. Specific crossover points include those intangibles in poetic expression and the immeasurably minuscule; theoretical fundamentals and existences born of lore.

We are interested in the collisions between informatics and the imperceptible and what these can bring forth. We have found there to be many multifaceted aspects to our often divergent perspectives which collide here. New and emerging models of the makeup of what has heretofore been time and space: shared foundations of Art & Science; where one side values the ethereal, the vague, the holistic, light, connection, spatial experiments, and synaesthetic metaphors – possibility the other side requires grounding, definition, analysis, outcomes – but is searching for the intangible. Differing perspectives lending themselves to a balanced approach.

Ruth’s work is situated in the aether – seeking to make perceptible the ephemeral and intangible fragments of life. She produces exquisite imagery in photography and video, illustrating the exploration of physical phenomena.

Cyril is building relationships between space and its underlying chemistry – predominantly using sound. His most recent work seeks to investigate the basic limits in scale of the perception of the every day heard.

Space for art – space, mass, matter. These are fundamental; the latest investigations of these are important. Science and these artists are companions in this investigation.

It is the place where the boundaries of our reality are tested. It is there that the torchlight of science’s combined efforts is shone into the recesses – reflecting the infinitesimal and the vastness of space at once. Art has a place here.