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Created for Letters from the Field, a group exhibition and publication curated by the nine residents of the Node Center for Curatorial Studies 2012 Berlin.

Text from curator Maeve Mulrennan on the piece.

"Ruth Le Gear is strongly attracted by the scientific method behind investigation of non physical phenomena, as well as the more intuitive process of understanding these phenomena including homeopathy. These methodologies are polar opposites but she feels that crucial connections are involved in perception and a unified experience is created from differences."

Le Gear's new video piece presents the viewer with a lost civilization. She utilieses fictions surrounding Lemuria and Atlantis and recontextulasises them in contemporary Berlin. It was a widely held nineteenth century belief that these two islands were real but lost places. After this belief was proved false, it entered the realm of fiction. These fictions gave reasons for their downfall; they became lost because a mistake was made, something went wrong. Lost cities recur in utopian literature, for instance with Thomas Moore, William Morris, Charlotte Perkins Gilliam and many others, demonstrating a necessary human need to explore fictional scenarios in order to understand more about the self.

If mistakes are made, are we lost forever? Who decides what our mistakes are? Why do we decide to accept this? "