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Polar Forces: universe of an iceberg stems from a residency Le Gear undertook while sailing the Arctic waters of Svalbard on a tall ship 2012. Where she researched the micro and macro forces of ice in the retreating ice flows. Le Gear further explored the potentiality of ice in terms of water remedies resulting from fieldwork investigations of the North Leitrim landscape during a residency at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in 2013. The contradiction of a remedy made from water and diluted with itself presents interesting questions around the uses and permutations of a landscape whose energy-fields mediate and co-exist with the human body.

Water, as a liquid, doesn’t quite forget that it was once solid; that it was once ice. Portal images of microscopic views of the ice inversely explores what we can otherwise never quite take in, that universe of the iceberg – the submerged, the visible and the invisible - that which has melted. The works transformative power subverts determined physical structures by inviting a growing awareness of the imperceptible and temporal forces that surround the human. In doing so the artist utilises inventive scientific methods to capture distillations of an ephemeral environment and bring them together within a poetic immediacy that underlines the paradoxical nature of water and its influence in shaping biological systems.

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