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Alchemical Waters | Eight Gallery | Dublin 2013

Alchemical Waters is a video piece in which a remedy from the melt
waters of an iceberg was created in the Arctic. In 2012 Le Gear travelled to the Arctic and spent a number of weeks sailing the high Arctic seas on board a tall ship collecting iceberg samples and experimenting with their meltwaters. As a part of her research methodologies Le Gear uses the processes of potentisation homeopathy. It involves serial dilutions by factors of 10 or 100. Homeopathy's law of infinitesimals
says that the lower the concentration of a substance, the more potent it becomes. This is counter intuitive to most of us, the more you dilute something the stronger it gets. Le Gear made a homeopathic remedy from the meltwaters of an iceberg and returned the waters to the Arctic sea. The work engages with with the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow through the landscape, creating a relationship with the spirit and place.

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