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Allenheads Contemporary Art (ACA), UK, hosted Migrating Art Academies laboratory “95%…” Emerging artists explored methods and systems used to engage with our surroundings. With contributions from experts in other fields, we try to develop a strategy for an involved and holistic response, directed through the interests of individual artists.

Contributors to the discussions were Dr Peter J Edwards, Department of Physics, Durham University and Buddhist monks Reverend Wilard and Reverend Wilfred. Pete presented scientific theories on the vast invisible components of the universe; Dark Matter and Dark Energy.
The seven day period was led by Alan Smith, with days split into group workshops and individual research time. This took place in the studio spaces at ACA, and the surrounding landscape. At the end of the week, a public event presented the outcomes of participants’ thought processes and will be discussed with a diverse audience from varied fields of interest and backgrounds.

Exploring the unquantifiable substances and theories through unquantifiable methodologies. I created a video piece called 'hidden in plain sight', exploring the idea that there is a resonance that is held within the water. I gave meltwaters from arctic icebergs to the waters of the mine at Nenthead, as well as creating remedies from waters of the iron well in the village of Allenheads to give to other bodies of water in the area. The contradiction of a remedy based on water but diluted with itself presents a fascinating subject. The work is initially made for the water and the land, the results are in documentation of these interventions with the landscape. The work engages with with the subtle earth energies that ebb and flow through the landscape, creating a relationship with the spirit and place. I worked with light diffraction grating ( a diffraction grating is an optical component with a periodic structure, which splits and diffracts light into several beams traveling in different directions) to amplify images for poetic immediacy to underline the paradox, while trying to capture distillations of an ephemeral environment. The notion of theory v's belief explored in this through experience. I investigated this subtle material through performance epistemology and interventions with the landscape. Quantification of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen is only currently experienced in its effects. Current best guess ideas include ideas on trails of evidence in homeopathy include quantum mechanics. Interdisciplinary and flexibility throughout both a scientific and intuitive methodology allows a contemplation on areas of questioning.